Helping Competitive Athletes develop lasting athletic health and fitness so they can perform and reach their athletic potential.

Strength & Conditioning
Recovery & Load Management

Too many athletes fail to reach their full potential because…

  • their physical ability prevents them from doing so
  • they are worried about their physical appearance and performance
  • they feel stuck and unmotivated
  • they have been fed false information
  • they lack energy & vitality
  • their body composition makes performing certain movements more difficult

Gain an athletic edge

Health is a competitive advantage.

You simply cannot perform to the best of your ability without your mind and body being healthy, sharp, and refreshed.

Reach your athletic potential

Let your health & wellbeing empower you to achieve more in your sport.

Reduce your risk of injury

You cannot perform if you are stuck on the bench with an injury. Your health and wellbeing can play a crucial role in the reduction of injury risk.

Perform better by…

  • moving better and more efficiently
  • having more energy and vitality
  • developing your ideal body composition
  • developing more confidence in yourself
  • thinking more clearly
  • stressing less
  • developing resilience
  • acquiring more knowledge, clarity, and motivation regarding your personal health & wellness

My name is Kaleb

As a former high-level athlete, I know what it feels like to be limited by some aspect of our health & wellbeing. It can be frustrating.

Our health & wellbeing should be an asset to the tasks we perform, not a burden.

For this reason, I became a certified health coach and a personal trainer, specializing in

  • human performance,
  • holistic health & lifestyle, and
  • optimal function.

From nutrition & exercise to stress & sleep, let me be a guide in helping you optimize your health & performance, allowing you to do the things you love and live the life you want.

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The road to deep and lasting athletic health & fitness:

  • Schedule a Session

    Meet with Kaleb so he can get to know you and help define where you want to go.

  • Collaborate

    Together we will strategize and create a specific plan to accomplish your goals.

  • Implement

    If you choose to, you will get 6 months of one-on-one coaching and feedback, receiving the support and expertise you need to reach your goals.

Plans & Pricing:

  • – 6 months of immersive coaching
  • – 12 bi-weekly coaching sessions
  • – $150 per month
Premium Plus
  • – 6 months of immersive coaching
  • – 12 bi-weekly coaching sessions
  • – Customized exercise prescription (workout plan)
  • – $225 per month

What you will get:

  • One 45-minute coaching session every other week (for 26 weeks [12 sessions + free consultation])
  • 24/7 lifetime support from your coach via email
  • A variety of resources, articles, and handouts catered to your unique needs, goals, and preferences
  • A solid foundation: life skills, methods, and tools you can use to continue to reach your goals long after you are done working with your coach

At Mbody Human Performance, we know that you want to be able to do the things you love in life.

In order to do that, though, you need optimal health & fitness, tailored to your unique goals and situation. The problem is that our health & wellness often hinders us from doing those things, which makes you feel frustrated and unsatisfied by missing out on the things you love.

We believe everybody deserves to enjoy a healthy life full of meaningful activities and experiences.

We understand what it’s like to miss out on opportunities and experiences, which is why we have helped several individuals be able to feel, look, and perform at their best.

Here’s how it works:
Schedule a free breakthrough session
Collaborate with your coach
Implement the plan you and your coach came up with for the next 6 months


And in the meantime, check out our blog! So you can stop feeling burdened by your current health & wellbeing and instead feel empowered by it, helping you live the life you love.

“The most basic condition for the free, unencumbered experience of Life

itself is health.”

Jeff Olson