The Inner Teacher

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In ancient Greek philosophy, Socrates believed that at the core of each individual is what is described as the inner teacher, which was believed to be an all-knowing and all-understanding element. Socrates further taught that individuals could learn to harness the wisdom of the inner teacher.

Socrates recognized that perceptions and understanding are transitory and ever-shifting. The inner teacher represents the stabilizing element within each of us.

What does this look like in application?

Let’s look at an example of a perception or an understanding that is constantly shifting: Carbs.

Are carbs good for us? Are carbs bad for us? Are they simple? Are they complex? Have we eaten enough protein to counter the effects of the carbs? Maybe we shouldn’t eat protein at all and just overload on carbs?

Opinions and philosophies about carbs are constantly shifting.

So, what should we do? Eat carbs or not eat carbs?

Socrates would argue that this is where the inner teacher in all of us steps in. As we learn to listen to our inner teacher, we begin to recognize and observe that the inner teacher will teach us how different things affect us individually. For example, after eating carbs does your body feel heavy and lethargic or light and energetic? Your inner teacher will help you identify that. Does overloading on carbs help sustain you through a marathon or not? Your inner teacher will help you identify that too.

My friend…know thyself, for once we know ourselves, we may learn how to care for ourselves.


Your inner teacher is devoted to identifying the highest good – for you!

One of the roles of a good health coach is to help bring out the inner teacher in his or her clients. Health and wellness is a highly individualized journey. Your health coach is there to assist you along that journey to achieving your highest potential – and it all starts with you!

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