The Best

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We have been conditioned to not only want the best but to demand the best.

When we are making an online purchase – we look for the 5-star products.

When we are in the market for internet service – we look for the fastest speeds and the quickest download capabilities.

When we are car shopping – we look for the best gas mileage or the most powerful engine.

No matter what it is – we want the best.

Health and wellness is no exception. In fact, we feel even more pressure to want the best. We want the best workout plan, the best exercise equipment, the best meal plans.

It is natural and healthy to want the best – as long as it is what is truly best for you.

When I first started meeting with my health coach, I wanted the best. In fact, I wanted the best so badly that it paralyzed me. I wanted the best of everything: I wanted the best cardio routine, I wanted the best resistance training, I even wanted the best yoga practice.

I needed the best.

I needed the best cardio routine to keep my heart healthy, to maintain healthy stamina, and to ward off strokes, Alzheimers, and a host of other diseases.

I needed the best resistance training to allow me to lift my kids (and especially my future grandkids), to carry in the oversized warehouse purchases, not to mention keeping osteoporosis at bay.

And, the yoga. I needed the best yoga practice to counteract all the stress I would be experiencing trying to implement the best cardio routine, the best resistance training, and the best…everything.

The pressure of doing the best was rather debilitating, and, because my motivations were so important to me, I felt even more pressure to do the best.

Over time my health coach helped me to discover on my own how to work toward maintaining and achieving the things that were most important to me – but in a way that was best for me.

The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old but building the new.


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