Kiss the Cook: How to individualize anything

The world of health and fitness can, at times, become confusing and overwhelming.

It seems as though there are a thousand different philosophies, all claiming to achieve the same goal, and all of them pulling for your attention. To make it worse, the “evidence” shows that most of them work (most of the time). So how do you figure out what works for you?

At Mbody, we preach that everything in health, wellness, and performance should be tailored and custom-made to your individual goals, preferences, needs, and circumstances. In this newsletter, we will teach you a framework that will help you discover which methods will work for you, whether in the realm of nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, spirituality or any other aspect of your health, wellness, and performance.

We also invite you to use this framework to individualize the theories and models you learn from Mbody!

One-size-fits-all (sometimes)

It probably comes as no surprise that when it comes to health and wellness, there is no “one-size-fits-all” or “silver bullet” that works for everyone. If that was the case, we all would have already done it, and everybody would be perfectly healthy and well!

However, there are general guidelines that work for the majority of people, the majority of the time. One model within the field of personality psychology argues that our personalities can be studied within 3 different levels:

  • Human Nature: We all share commonalities. For example, we all need food and crave social interaction.
  • Group: We share commonalities within a group, but some groups are different than others. For example, certain cultures thrive on different foods, and some are collectivistic in nature, whereas others are individualistic.
  • Individual: We all have our own unique needs and preferences, and, like snowflakes, we are all different in some shape or form. For example, one may prefer a specific food, whereas another may be allergic to it, and we all differ on our levels of introversion and extroversion.

Whereas we share commonalities on a human nature and group level, we all have
our own unique needs and preferences. Therefore, what works for someone else
may or may not work for you, and what works for you may or may not work for
someone else. In fact, what worked for you in the past may or may not work for
you currently or in the future!

Some factors influencing our own individual uniqueness are our genetics, ancestry,
culture, goals, preferences, age, gender, life-experience, environment, health status,
and more!

So where do we begin? How do we know what we should do with all of the different
theories and information out there?

It’s similar to a cook/chef. When one first tries a recipe, it is wise to stick exactly to
the recipe. After tasting it for the first time, we can then start to make slight changes
to match our individual needs and preferences. Eventually, we may even begin to
create recipes of our own!

With that being said, you wouldn’t go out and try a recipe with ingredients you know
you hate. The same applies to health and wellness: if you know you will not enjoy a certain lifestyle, don’t do it!

Try it for yourself!

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