Advice from a sea squirt…

This is a sea squirt. 

They are colorful, tiny, jellyfish-like animals that lives on pier pilings, ships’ hulls, and coral reefs. 

Surely you must be wondering…sea squirts? Why on earth are we talking about sea squirts and what we could possibly learn from a sea squirt?

Well, this is where things get interesting.

Listen to this:

“Born with a simple spinal cord and a three hundred-neuron ‘brain,’ the larva motors around in the shallows until it finds a nice patch of coral on which to put down its roots. It has about twelve hours to do so, or it will die. Once safely attached, however, the sea squirt simply eats its brain.”

Did you catch that?

There is a direct link between movement and exercise and brain development and health.

The sea squirt resigns itself to a stationary life, which makes the need for a brain futile. So, it simply eats its brain.

“When we exercise, particularly if the exercise requires complex motor movement, we’re also exercising the areas of the brain involved in the full suite of cognitive functions.” 

Incorporating complex motor movements in your exercise – strengthens your body and your brain!

Learning the asanas of yoga, the foot maneuvers of soccer, the positions of ballet, the forms of karate, or even the steps of the tango – all of these practices engage nerve cells throughout the brain. Any motor skill more complicated than walking has to be learned, and thus it challenges the brain.

As Llinás said: “That which we call thinking is the evolutionary internalization of movement.”

Let’s learn a lesson from the friendly sea squirt: don’t stay sedentary! 

Keep your body and your brain strong – together!

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