A fine-tuned machine?

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We have been told for years: your body is like a fine-tuned machine. 

But, is it?

If your body was like a fine-tuned machine, we would care for our body with rote, mechanical adjustments. We would fuel our machine with a prescribed diet, we would strengthen it with prescribed exercises, we would heal it with prescribed accuracy. 

If our bodies are like a fine-tuned machine – what works for one person would work for another – and vice versa. Machines can be replicated infinitely. 

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In actuality, we are learning that our bodies are less and less like machines and more like gardens. Yes, there are functional similarities among each of us. We all have a heart pumping blood through over 60,000 miles of veins and arteries. We all have lungs pulling in life-giving oxygen and pushing out spent carbon dioxide. We all have organs functioning in harmony to carry and assimilate nutrients into our body. 

Even these similar organs which we each share function differently for each of us. 

No, our bodies are not a fine-tuned machine. 

Rather, our bodies are like a garden.

There are similarities among all gardens – just like the organs we share – but their functions manifest themselves differently – based on our style, preference, and capability.

For some of us, we want our garden to be precise and defined.

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For some of us, we want our garden to be strong and beautiful.

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For some of us, we want our garden to be natural and practical.

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Through individual personalization we can make our garden everything we envision it to be. We need to care for our garden whether we are a precise and defined professional athlete, a strong and beautiful returning athlete, or a natural and practical everyday athlete.

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