What is a health coach?

For some time I had been struggling. I felt tired and overwhelmed. I felt stuck, with very few options for changing my situation. I wanted to make some changes. I began reading as much as I could about health and wellness. It all sounded so good and it promised to bring with it so many of the positive changes that I wanted in my life. But, where should I begin? And how could I possibly do it all? I didn’t really believe it was possible. Health and wellness was, in my mind, a gravity problem that I couldn’t overcome. As a single mother of six children, I parent full-time, I work full-time, I work a few part-time freelance jobs on the side, and I volunteer my time in causes that I am invested in. In short, I am running a marathon at a sprinter’s pace.

Then, one day I decided it was time for a change. I felt it was time to design my life in a way that was sustainable. I needed a guide. 

I needed a health coach.

What is a health coach, anyway?

A health coach is a supportive mentor and advisor committed to maximizing and improving your personal health and wellness. A health coach implements a holistic approach to your individual health and wellness needs. A health coach understands that health and wellness is more than mechanically implementing a single diet or a single workout plan for every client. A health coach helps you feel your best through individualized lifestyle, health, and wellness changes specifically catered to your unique situation and goals.

What does a health coach do?

Health coaching is highly individualized – and I mean way more than someone simply telling you how many reps will help you reap the results you want or someone just telling you the number of calories you should consume, although your coach can help you with that too. In private coaching sessions, your health coach will work with you to discover how to become the healthiest and most balanced version of yourself. Health coaches work with you on a variety of different levels: exercise and fitness, nutrition, stress management and maximization, time management, behavior change, sleep habits, mindfulness, or as many areas of your life as directly impact your short- and long-term health.

What’s the secret? 

Your health coach will help you find exactly what works best for you

A health coach was precisely what I needed. 

Are you ready to transform your health and wellness plan into something beyond the current fad diet or exercise program? A health coach helps you become more. 

A health coach helps you reach your potential.

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